Thank you for your willingness to help us test our end-user download and initial evaluation process for eProductivity!

Please scroll down and read all of the details on this page carefully to learn about the 24-Hour preview of eProductivity for Lotus Notes.
To participate in the 24-Hour preview of eProductivity for Lotus Notes, please complete all of the fields below and click the SUBMIT button.

Please note that you must use a valid company e-mail account. (Sorry, no  ISP email accounts can be accepted: e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)

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Years using Lotus Notes:
Years using GTD methodology:
Lotus Notes version:
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This is a private evaluation opportunity, subject to non-disclosure agreement.

As part of the 24-Hour preview of eProductivity, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement by which you agree not to share the software, documentation, and videos with anyone. This means no blogging or public conversation about what we show you until the product launch date.

How to get started:

1. Sign up to receive the 24-hour eProductivity preview application (Use sign-up form at top of this page)
2. E-mail the signed application to us from company email account. (Sorry, no Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).
3. We will process the first 100 valid applications received.

What you will initially receive:

Valid applicants that meet the terms & conditions (below) will receive a welcome kit with a link to download a 24-hour preview of eProductivity for Lotus Notes. Simply download and open the file. There’s nothing to install.

How the 24-hour preview will work:

1. Watch brief  video, download sample database and open in Lotus Notes
2. Follow the instructions provided to tour eProductivity
3. Fill out the end-user experience & feedback report & click the SEND button.

What we expect from you:

After you have evaluated the 24-hour preview of eProductivity for Lotus Notes, we ask that you take a few minutes to respond to our user experience survey and share your feedback and any suggestions that you may have. This should not take more than 7 minutes to complete; however, if you want to write more, we’d like that!

In return for your user-experience feedback, we will:

In return for your completed user-experience feedback, we will send you a license key that will allow you to use eProductivity for an extended period, free of charge.

Drawing for free eProductivity software licenses:

We appreciate that it takes time to review a product and write up feedback about your user experience. For the people that choose to send us detailed feedback with comments, we will enter them into a drawing for free single-user licenses of eProductivity.

Software details:

Valid applicants will receive a download link to a stand-alone Notes database that they can download to their desktop. Simply double click to open the file and go.  There’s nothing to install or uninstall. Simply delete the file when done.


All of our software is security signed by ‘eProductivity Software/ICA’ Depending on how your Lotus Notes software has been setup, you may be prompted to trust the security certificate for ‘eProductivity Software/ICA’. If your Lotus Notes software has been configured to prevent opening unknown databases, you will need to check with your Notes administrator for details.

Terms & conditions:

1. 24-hour preview of eProductivity is subject to the NDA (Sorry, no blogging/press.)
2. You must use company e-mail only. No public ISPs (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)
3. Offer available to the first 100 valid applicants by offer date

System Requirements:

Lotus Notes R6.5X, R7.X or R8.x
Lotus Notes R7.03 or higher
Lotus Notes R7.03 or higher