Saturday, January 28th, 2006
I had a few goals in mind when I created this new blog site:

I wanted a quick place to park links and personal notes on my personal research into the use of Lotus Notes as a tool for getting things done, collaboration, and knowledge management. Since this site lives in a single Notes database, I can easily manage this information from my Notes client or from my web browser.

As a long-time user of DominoBlog (Soon to become the IBM blogging template for Notes 7.02) I wanted to start fresh with a new blog so that I could experiment with the many powerful features that Steve Castledine has cooked up. My friend, Tanny O'Haley and I have worked through  many iterations of DominoBlog and this will give us a new digital playground to play in.

I wanted to be able to blog about Notes more frequently than I do on my personal blog, which is much more varied in nature.

I wanted to have a site that was specifically focused on Lotus Notes and the methodology, gear, tips, and tools that have made Lotus Notes a powerful productivity tool in my own life, personally, and as an eProductivity Specialist.

Finally, I wanted a way to share this journey with others, hence the tag line My journey getting things done with Lotus Notes

Thanks for visiting!

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