My team and I have been asked a lot recently: will eProductivity work with IBM Verse? Most of the people who ask are IBMers afraid of losing eProductivity and becoming less productive as a result.

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Erik Schwalb (): 5/13/2015 2:32:40 AM
Will IBM Verse make you more productive than before?

IBM Verse is a browser application and therefore doesn't work with any Notes application.

BUT all IBMers that are "moving to the cloud" will get the IBM Verse UI as an additional option. They can also continue to use their Notesclient (including any 3rd-party Notes applications that make use of client-side integration) if they prefer.

Eric Mack ( 5/13/2015 10:46:59 AM
re: Will IBM Verse make you more productive than before?

Hi Erik, thanks for the feedback.

What we are hearing from our customers is that when folks are moved to the cloud hosted Notes, their mail file design gets replaced with a new IBM template and locked down. This, they tell us, is a MAJOR disruption to their productivity as they can no longer use the features they have come to depend on to get things done.

That said, IBM is a very large organization and from what we can tell, the policies and procedures vary across the organization.

Our information, which is limited at best, comes from IBMers that are either eProductivity customers or people who want to be. Beyond that, we have no "official" source of information.

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