I was invited to participate in last week's blogger conference call with IBM Lotus General Manager Bob Picciano.  The topic for the call was IBM's Smarter Work initiative. I was unable to attend the call due to a prior commitment (more on that later) but Nathan Freeman has done an extraordinary job of summarizing the call for our benefit.

I'm interested in seeing where the Smarter Work Initiative goes. I know that David Allen has offered to meet with Bob to discuss Smarter Work. I think it would be great to have IBM learn from someone that understands Smarter Work and who happens to be a Lotus fan.

Anyway, I highly recommend that you read Nathan's summary and listening to Bob's comment to Nathan.

Bruce asked Bob about Twitter. Apparently Bob does not follow Twitter but he does read lots of blogs. (Bob, sorry I missed the blogger conference call. No idea if I'm on the list of blogs you read, but I'd love to talk with you.)

If you have not already seen it, Bob had a great Op Ed piece at CIO com that is also worth reading.

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