A NOTEable fashion statement for LS10

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
With the recent blog posts about making a bold yellow fashion statement at Lotusphere 2010, whether it's a group of people wearing yellow shirts on the airplane or old-timer's wearing their vintage Lotus T's, there's plenty of opportunity for the truly yellow to show off their memorabilia. (I was thinking of making a jacket of Notes 2.0 OS/2 3.5" diskettes to wear).

Anyway, I wonder how many of you still have one of these buttons to wear?

Loyal Notes user button from Lotusphere 1995. (Click for large view)

This was from Lotusphere 1995 - long before it was cool to be yellow.

If you have one of these buttons, I hope you will wear it proudly and say hello!

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