I was intrigued by this recent post by productivity blogger Jason Spencer's in which he takes Kurt DelBene, President of Microsoft Office’s Division to task (pun intended) by saying that he "...emasculates the task interface, making it impossible to sort or search tasks by category".  But wait. there's more. Jason says that DelBene and his team of Software Engineers "have continued to castrate with gardening sheers Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)’s functionality."


Harsh words? Perhaps, but Jason has the expertise to know what he's talking about and backs up his claim.

Jason concludes:

Even DelBene’s favorite whipping boy IBM Notes allows mobile workers to access all major functionality of its PIM from a web browser, including editing and sorting by category it’s journal and todo features. IBM’s Traveler team also develops its own versions of ToDo and secure email features for IOS and Android so mobile workers can maintain a secure and consistent experience across all major platforms. IBM Notes’ cross platform compatibility was a primary reason for me to shift over to using IBM Notes from Microsoft Exchange.

As a reader of my blog you know that as a 20+ year user and long time champion of Lotus/IBM Notes, I will encourage Jason to give IBM Notes a try. I will also invite him to share his experience here on the Notes on Productivity Blog.

Meanwhile, here is the direct link to Jason's post on his Open Notes, Et Cetera blog where he focuses on productivity technology and social branding based on experiential knowledge.

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Jason Spencer (http://jasonrspencer.com): 9/11/2013 1:48:54 PM
Do Not Use Microsoft Exchange 2013 for Getting Things Done

Hey Eric thanks for posting this here. You know I do love Microsoft Products got a Lenovo W530 like you with Windows 8. But they keep making dumb maneuvers.

I want to officially accept your challenge for Giving IBM Notes a try and e Productivity!!! :)

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