Lotusphere Productivity Resource CDs are Ready!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
If you are planning to be at Lotusphere, you are in for a treat! Stop by pedestal #722, say hello and hand us your business card. Then, pick up your Lotusphere 2009 resource CD from the Notes on Productivity Blog.

Lotusphere 2009 Resource CD. A gift from Eric Mack and the eProductivity Blog! Visit Pedestal #722 to pick up yours.

This CD contains the presentation slides from my Lotusphere presentation (BP304) with David Allen, a number of GTD Documents from the David Allen Company, two recent podcasts on using Notes productively, (courtesy of Bruce Elgort and Michael Sampson), links to useful resources, and a special gift from eProductivity.

This is my way of saying "Thank you" to the Notes community and for stopping by to say hello!  I look forward to meeting you!

Remember: eProductivity, Pedestal #722 in the Lotusphere Product Showcase. See you soon!

Discussion/Comments (2):

Don McNally (http://dmcnally.blogspot.com): 1/14/2009 6:05:40 AM
Lotusphere Productivity Resource CDs are Ready!

Hi, Eric. I'm not able to attend Lotusphere this year but would be interested in one of these CDs if you end up with any left. I enjoyed the Taking Notes podcast with you and David and am starting to look at whether GTD makes sense for me, so the resources would be appreciated. Thanks.

Eric Mack (www.ica.com): 1/14/2009 12:34:00 PM
re: Lotusphere Productivity Resource CDs are Ready!

Thanks, Don. Glad you enjoyed the podcasts. I'll see what I can do about the CD but I'm concerned that with all of the publicity around the presentation I'm doing with David Allen and the fact that we will hand out CDs at the end of the presentation, the 3 shipments of CD's we have won't even have enough to get us through Tuesday.

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