A guest post by Ryan Heathers

So I have a few days of BlackBerry Torch experience now. As I expressed in my initial post, I had good first impressions of the Torch.

I still have them.

I've been pleased with the speed and smoothness of the user experience. Push notifications of my emails/text messages/BB Messenger/etc is really addicting - probably too addicting!

I love...

the messaging experience. Threaded conversations for text messages and BlackBerry Messenger, a great tactile keyboard that lives up to the BlackBerry reputation, and a host of options to customize my inboxes. Plus I just really like the minimalist look of the icons and messages themselves.  

20100928 -blackberry-torch-threaded-messages.jpg

But a couple of annoyances...
. There's no LinkedIn app yet available. This one of course is on LinkedIn and not RIM, but it's still a negative. I need the app for both work and personal network management, so I hope LinkedIn fixes this STAT.  A bunch of unanswered questions (scroll down to the bottom) by users on the LinkedIn blog asking about the app isn't a good sign, although hopefully that doesn't mean much.

20100928 -blackberry-torch-linkedin-app-not-available.jpg

I had to figure out how to reboot the phone OS and it wasn't obvious. For all the BlackBerry veterans out there, this is probably a no-brainer. I've additionally been told that as a managed device, it makes support sense for it to be hard to reboot my Blackberry. But all I knew was that a few minor glitches - such as not being able to vertically scroll my list of installed apps - was getting in the way and that a reboot would probably fix it. Powering the phone off and on wasn't restarting the OS - arghhh.

However, once I googled for the reboot command (for the record, a soft reboot can done by pressing ALT - CAP - DELETE) and got the OS restarted, everything worked well again.

Discussion/Comments (3):

Bilal Jaffery (http://www.Bilal.ca): 9/29/2010 8:40:56 PM
Some loves and annoyances about my BlackBerry Torch

Glad that both of your concerns aren't serious at all. LinkedIN has been a total #FAIL since its launch. LinkedIN still does not get social properly.

Ryan Heathers (): 9/30/2010 11:05:00 PM
Some loves and annoyances about my BlackBerry Torch

Yes, so far no serious concerns. :) I've really enjoyed the device.

Jeff Land (): 10/4/2010 2:12:24 PM
Some loves and annoyances about my BlackBerry Torch

Hi Ryan.

Its not perfect, but you can access a mobile version of LinkedIn from your Torch. I just received mine about a week ago. I like it, but would like to see a native Torch LinkedIn app, as well as an app for GIST, and micoach enabled on the Torch. Here's the mobile LinkedIn site:

{ Link }

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