Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Monday, December 18th, 2017
I'd like to learn how to setup Domino on a Linux VM on my Synology NAS, and I could use some guidance from an expert in the Yellowsphere

Specifically, I'd like to learn how to:
1. Prepare a Linux VM to receive Domino, including mapping Program and Data directories and any access rights required
2. Install Domino for Linux, along with Fix Packs
3. Access the Domino console remotely
4. Start/Stop Domino server and properly shutdown Linux
5. What else should I make sure to learn?

I've setup Domino on Windows hundreds of times. (I've even set up Notes on OS/2 back in the day.) All of my recent experience, however, is with Windows. I have no experience with setting up Domino on Linux. The concept of mapping drives, rights, and administration are foreign to me. If I was comfortable with this stuff I would follow some of the blog posts I've found on setting up Domino in Linux. Frankly, when I see things like Daniel Nashad's script I realize I need some context and I think a conversation with an expert would be helpful.

I can provide
SERVER.ID, NAMES.nsf, and Domino Installer for Linux. To save time, I can even have the Linux OS (Ubuntu) operational in advance.

We can use GoToMeeting to share screen and keyboard/mouse.

Anyone interested in helping me out?

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Wayne Sobers (): 12/19/2017 5:37:07 AM
Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Search for "Domino on Linux" on YouTube for several very good videos on installing/setting up Linux and then Domino. Devin Olsen's (Spanky762) series is particularly detailed.

Jesper Kiaer ( 12/19/2017 8:19:19 AM
Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Just a small heads up, some Synology NAS does not run on a x86 platform, in this case you may not get Domino to work here, or it will be very slow due to CPU emulation

Eric Mack ( 12/19/2017 10:35:45 AM
re: Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Good point. I made sure that I got a NAS based on Intel platform. I have already deployed Linux in a VM on the NAS. I have the Synology DS918+ upgraded to 6GB RAM and I am very pleased with it.

Eric Mack ( 12/19/2017 10:37:13 AM
re: Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Thank you, Wayne, for the tipo and recommendation. I found the video series and they look to be quite valuable. I plan to watch them. Also, I think my first big takeaway is that there is more information about Domino on CentOS than on Ubuntu. I had been searching for the later and did not find as much. I also just found this tutorial that seems to summarize many of the Domino on Centos tips into one document.$FILE/Installing%20IBM%20Domino%20Server%20on%20Linux.pdf I think that between that and the videos you recommended I will have at least a good start to learn from. Thanks again.

Jesper Kiaer ( 12/20/2017 1:41:34 AM
Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

I run all Linux Domino servers on Centos, since IBM supports Red Hat Enterprise servers. I highly recommend you do so too to avoid issues. Linux in not just "Linux" ;-)

Wayne Sobers (): 12/20/2017 4:57:57 AM
Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

I'm glad you mentioned the "" site. I found that document also, but there is no attribution in the contents to found out who wrote it. And, as Jesper mentioned, CentOS is probably the better choice for OS as it's based on the supported Red Hat OS.

Darren Duke ( 12/20/2017 5:30:59 AM
Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

I would NOT use Ubuntu to run a Domino server if you're not used to Linux. Stick to CentOS.

Devin Olson ( 12/20/2017 11:08:17 AM
Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Thanks for the mention @Wayne Sobers

As an FYI, this is the URL for my most recent updated guide:

{ Link }


Eric Mack ( 12/20/2017 11:16:30 AM
re: Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Agreed CentOS. I;ve been watching Devin's video series and even if for that reason alone I would make the choice. as I did some reading I think I can see what CentOS is a better choice than Ubuntu for hosting Domino. Thank you.

Eric Mack ( 12/20/2017 11:17:47 AM
re: Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Here is my current recipe to learn to get Domino on Linux in a VM on my Synology NAS:

First, I got CentOS running in a VM on my Synology NAS. I did it multiple times, so I am OK with that part. Now, I plan to start over.

1. I will follow the steps from Devin Olson for the CentOS installation and configuration but will try to use CentOS7 instead of CentOS 6 which is guide was written for. Hopefully the steps will remain the same.

2. I will follow the steps from Devin Olson for the Domino installation and configuration. That will get me to the base Domino Package. Devin used Domino 9 for Linux, I will use Domino 9.01 for Linux - again, hoping his steps remain the same.

3. Then, I will switch to the steps I found on the "" site as he walks through the process of installing fix packs and Traveler.

If all goes well, I will then have a working CentOS and current Domino (and maybe even Traveler).

4. Then, I need to learn how to have the Domino Data directory (and ideally the Notes.ini) stored outside of the VM. I'm not clear if I should use SMB, NFS or iSCSI but I will do some more reading and ask around. My goal is to make the VM small and confined to the OS and Domino only. This way, I can backup the DominoData independent of the VM. If you have any thoughts (or can even point me to the commands I might explore to mount drives that would be great. Part of the challenge as I learn is learning the right terminology to ask.)

5. When I have accomplished steps 1-5. I will start over again, just to make sure I understand what I am doing and document everything I did.

Then, armed with the understanding above, I will work with that for a while and then I would like to explore doing the same in a Docker instance. I know nothing about Docker and some kind people have shared their steps with me (which make no sense to me at the moment). I hope that once I have navigated and learned to set up Domino on CentOS the Docker steps will make more sense to me.

Thank you for your feedback!


Eric Mack ( 12/20/2017 11:26:47 AM
re: Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Hi Darren! Agreed. CentOS it is.

Devin Olson ( 12/20/2017 11:46:51 AM
Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Here is a video I did on installing Traveler. { Link }

NOTE: It is really old (from 2011 -in internet time it is archaic). But the point is that installing the traveller server is really very easy.

Eric Mack ( 12/20/2017 11:54:11 AM
re: Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

Thanks for the link, Devin. And, thanks for your email tip re: using CentOS 6.9 Minimal as better suited for Domino at this time. I am pasting your comment here for the benefit of anyone who may follow this thread:

You wrote:

1.CentOS 6 vs. CentOS 7:  There are some differences with the 7 setup and required libraries, enough of which that installing on 7 is a non-trivial task.  I managed to get it working, but it was more of a hack-job than I was happy with.  I am working on a getting a standard, simple, and repeatable procedure in place (and tested multiple times).  Once that is complete I will publish an updated guide for CentOS 7.  

Until then, I would suggest you use CentOS 6.9 minimal installation, and ignore the portions in my guide regarding (Page 6, step 4)  on installing the updated RPMs (RPM foundry repos no longer needed).   Also, on page 17, the section on File Handles has the incorrect upper limit (20000).  It should read:

># ulimit -n 65535

># vi /etc/security/limits.conf  

Eric Mack ( 12/20/2017 11:58:48 AM
re: Domino on Linux: Looking for a Mentor

I just found this video: "Installation/Upgrade of IBM Traveler Server to on Linux" from IBM support.

Over my head at the moment, but it may help others.

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